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The keys to mobile analytics success

An analytics product is only as good as the accuracy of its unique user identification. With mobile app analytics user identification has traditionally been simple and very accurate because each mobile device has a Unique Device ID, the UDID, which … Continue reading

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Which smartphone has the smartest users?

Are you on the ball if you own an Andorid? Are iPhone users smart and speedy? Are BlackBerry users the brainiest of the bunch? Here at Bango we decided to carry out a test to answer all these important questions … Continue reading

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Why iPhone users want more choice

A recent article in FierceWireless Europe (March 11) reviewed findings by market research company Analysys Mason, which speculates on how ‘exclusive content’ could become the next battle ground for operators trying to control customer churn. Specifically, the article states: Worryingly, … Continue reading

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Apple investigated over moves to close our alternate payment options.

According to the Wall Street Journal and MacObserver, Apple’s recent moves to prevent applications running on iPad and iPhone sending people outside the “Apple Payment Channels” to pay for extra content, subscriptions or services have been referred to the DOJ. … Continue reading

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Why Apple web browsing is declining?

According to the latest web browsing stats released by Bango, across a wide range of websites targeting mobile phone browsers, the iPhone is losing ground to its competitors in popularity for web browsing. What might be the reasons for this? When … Continue reading

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Crossing the apps bridge to the mobile web…the German way

This is exactly what the guys at RTL TV in Germany have done, with the creation of their hybrid iPhone application, launched last week. The application, developed by Netbiscuits, is a combination of web site and app that uses the … Continue reading

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Is Apple going soft?

Why are they relaxing their policies? It has long been the understanding that Apple wants every single slice of the pie. Their devices are so closed that the only way to get anything is via their all conquering app store. … Continue reading

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Android is taking a slice of the Apple pie

The gap is narrowing…rapidly As much as I agree with the common view that Apple has created one of the most innovative mobile devices, the iPhone, and is widely credited forhelping drive the uptake of the mobile internet worldwide, I’m actually … Continue reading

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Guess which party is the mobile leader?!

With election day rapidly approaching, one wonders what’s going through the minds of the main party leaders, although I think we can all guess what’s going through Gordon Brown’s today.

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So Apple has done it again, what about user choice?!

Another ban by Apple, another headache for developers wanting to generate revenue on this platform. Apple creates some great products BUT their main brand value seems to be: Restriction of user choice. In contrast Bango’s number one key brand value is … Continue reading

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