Executive Insights: Carrier Billing Global Outlook & Opportunities – Fernando Luciano, Telefônica Vivo

Watch the latest MEF Executive Insights: Carrier Billing Global Outlook & Opportunities video featuring Fernando Luciano from Telefónica Vivo.

In more mature markets, carrier billing has found massive adoption particularly for digital content and services. But in developing markets it is increasingly used as a safe and convenient method for purchasing a broad array of goods and services. Carrier billing provides an inclusive payment method for the huge unbanked population and those without credit cards.

Fernando states that, “With carrier billing we solve the issue of credit card acceptance.” For example, he says customers “can have access to entertainment, e-health, security, insurances, mobile learning services.”

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Bango people: William Davis, Systems Analyst

With a number of career opportunities at Bango, we spoke with William Davis, Systems Analyst about his career highlights, passions and experience at Bango.

How would you describe your role as Systems Analyst?
My role sees me design, build and test new integrations, working closely with customers and their APIs to build the best solutions. Being a Systems Analyst means I get to help and advise the Onboarding Engineers with their projects, enabling the team to move forward. I love this aspect of my role because I help other people grow their confidence and experience in their careers.


My job positions me at the forefront of new projects coming into Bango. I am involved in the decision-making stage of new possibilities which is quite exciting because it means I help to forge new relationships with tech world giants. I find my job versatile and engaging, I am learning all the time and expanding my tech skills which gives me the opportunity to progress and opens up new possibilities for my career development at Bango. Since starting at Bango, I have developed my role into a position that suits my career goals.

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Bango Market Index – customer loyalty, how do you compare?

Focusing on customer loyalty, the latest Bango Market Index benchmarks carrier billing purchase frequency, enabling mobile operators to see how their customer loyalty compares to peers.

Attracting and retaining loyal customers is crucial to success and depends on several elements including customer experience, product awareness and product desirability. If a high proportion of your users are purchasing one month, but not coming back – why? Are there any blockers? How can you engage with them?

Bango helps you turn your infrequent purchasers into frequent purchasers by:

  • Optimizing your customers’ payment experience
  • Identifying customer segments to target and incentivize
  • Identifying the content that increases customer loyalty

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Bango people: Katharine Challen, Management Accountant

With a number of career opportunities available at Bango, we spoke with Katharine Challen, Management Accountant about her career highlights, development and aspirations.Katherine 4

What is it like working in the Bango finance team?
My role entails the preparation of the Group’s consolidated management accounts, with additional VAT, audit and budget responsibilities. The finance dream team is quite small but we all support each other, it’s nice knowing that if you’re off sick or on holiday your team has helped with the workload. Bango has a very fun working environment, everyone is very dedicated and has a strong work ethic.

How has your career progressed in 3 years at Bango?
After graduating in 2015, I joined Bango as an Accounts Assistant. Bango was undergoing rapid growth and within 6 months I was promoted to Management Accountant. Continue reading

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Microsoft on Direct Carrier Billing.

In the third exclusive carrier billing outlook video series supported by Bango, Grahame Riddell, Microsoft’s Director of Carrier Billing explains why Microsoft is standardizing on Direct Carrier Billing across all its devices.

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How is ‘charge to bill’ powering Africa’s booming mobile commerce market?

In the second exclusive carrier billing outlook video series supported by Bango, we hear from Herman Singh, Chief Digital Officer of MTN Group.

MTN Group is Africa’s number one telecommunications company serving 240 million subscribers in 24 countries in Africa and the Middle East. In this video, Herman Singh, Chief Digital Officer at MTN Group details how mobile-first continent Africa will benefit from Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) to aid mobile commerce. However, things aren’t so straight forward in a continent where mobiles may not be smartphones and don’t always have apps.

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Stephen Hawking and Bango

Stephen Hawking was an inspiration to Bango CEO Ray Anderson. Ray was a former student of Stephen during his time studying Natural Sciences at Gonville and Caius College Cambridge, and recently went back to celebrate Stephen’s 50th anniversary as a fellow.

Following today’s news that Stephen Hawking has passed away, Ray told staff at Bango:

“I was doubly inspired by Stephen Hawking at one of his lectures back in the late 70’s at Cambridge. The subject of the lecture – the idea that Black Holes could effectively “pop open” due to the interactions between quantum mechanics and gravity – was inspirational as it made me realize that the intersections of powerful ideas sometimes produce amazing discoveries. Continue reading

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Carrier billing landscape – market dynamics and demand

‘Carrier Billing Global Outlook and Opportunities’ is the new MEF executive insights video series sponsored by Bango. This series hears key industry voices examine the state of the carrier billing market.


In the first video, London-based Principal Analyst at Ovum, Guillermo Escofet gives an overview of the expansive carrier billing market. He details the key drivers of carrier billing’s monumental growth and explains how emerging trends are creating new opportunities. Continue reading

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7 things you need to know about the Japanese retail market

With a heightening focus from the major western retailers on the Japanese market, Bango has compiled a list of 7 key facts you need to know when expanding into the Japanese retail market.

1. Credit cards are not the dominant payment method
While credit cards remain an established and accepted payment method, they are not the holy grail for Japanese consumers, especially for online shopping. The emergence and importance of diversifying payment methods for e-commerce in Japan is more apparent than ever. Japanese customers are moving away from credit card usage faster than any other country. Since 2013, the volume of credit card usage for online retail has fallen by over 23% while there has been a surge of new payment methods (Statista, 2017).

2. Mobile payments are vastly adopted, especially by millennials
In Japan, using Osaifu keitai (mobile wallets) is the norm along with Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), Android Pay and other alternative payment methods. They are widely adopted for services such as online retail, public transport, mobile walletsgaming and numerous other sectors. Often referred to as the epicentre of mobility, Japan has always been preferential towards mobile payments. Osaifu keitai are the leading alternative payment option due to the Japanese market’s high adoption and reliance on smartphones. The dependence on smartphone payments has been solidified with those aged 17-25 using osaifu keitai as the leading payment method within the highest revenue generating areas, including the fashion retail and gaming sectors. This age bracket also has an innate hesitancy in using credit card payments due to security concerns. Continue reading

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Bango Market Index – the reference for carrier billing performance

Understanding your carrier billing performance in relation to the market is vital for success, without a benchmark you will not know how well you are performing and where improvements can be made.

The good news is that Bango has published the Bango Market Index, setting the reference for carrier billing performance. Published quarterly, the Bango Market Index acts as an important health check to ensure your business is maximizing its payments potential.

Unique Bango Boost technology anonymously compares and benchmarks payment performance across all stores and payment providers using the Bango Platform. With more app store carrier billing deployments than anyone else, Bango provides vital market benchmarks across key metrics in the quarterly Bango Market Index. Continue reading

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