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For network operators, getting their billing connected to app stores is a key revenue driver

Looking at just one of the world’s biggest app stores as an example, you can buy apps through Google Play in 136 countries worldwide, yet carrier billing is only available in 39 of those! That means for operators in 97 … Continue reading

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First time payment capture is a critical factor to success

A study by Bango in collaboration with Blackberry carried out over the first quarter of 2012 and using data outside that period unearthed some profound findings for providers of payment systems. When a mobile user clicks “buy” to make their … Continue reading

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Chocolate that makes me see red!

Some big companies really miss the point of mobile. I often travel to London and one of the simple pleasures on the return train journey is a cup of coffee, a Kit Kat and a seat. (I’m easy to please … Continue reading

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