Unique visitors ‘most wanted’ mobile metric

Bango pushes mobile analytics to a new level providing a real picture

Bango pushes mobile analytics to a new level providing a real picture

When we conducted our survey among mobile businesses to find out what their ‘most wanted’ stat was for their mobile website, we were surprised that the mobile component of web metrics was considered less important than knowing the unique visitor count. But should we have been surprised?

Afterall, knowing exactly how many people visited your mobile site has got to be pretty important. Without this you don’t know the real value of your mobile business. The problem is measuring unique visitors rather than just visits is very hard on mobile and we found that folks were having to guess, patching together information from hosting companies and advertising partners.

Here’s what 550 businesses said in answer to the question: “Which of the following mobile web metrics are important to you?”

• The daily/weekly/monthly number of unique visitors to your mobile website – 80%
• Conversion rates/effectiveness of mobile marketing – 71%
• New/repeat visitors – 58%
• Information about the handsets your visitors use – 54%
• Location – 50%
• The mobile networks used by visitors to your mobile website – 41%

The way that Bango solves this problem – how many unique visitors do I have? – is covered in our new release: “Bango first to offer both Site and Campaign mobile analytics” at http://news.bango.com.

We gave away 5 Flip video cameras to say thank you for people completing our survey.  The winners were: Bernie, USA; Derek, UK; Benoit, USA; Javier, Spain; and Casey, Canada.

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  1. adtracktips says:

    Thanks for your article on Unique Visitors Mobile Metric.

    Knowing the number of visitors is of great importance to all of us on line.



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