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Mobile wallets and Bango

In the last few years, the idea that we will soon abandon our wallet in favor of our mobile phones has moved from being an interesting possibility, to a future-gazing cliché. Many have begun to fear that the flying car … Continue reading

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Frictionless payments and PIN codes: Don’t do it!

One of the biggest challenges for an app store or mobile merchant is deciding whether to implement the best possible frictionless payment experience and drive the highest conversion rates, or introduce PIN codes before payment confirmation. Pin codes could increase … Continue reading

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CES 2012, a show gone mobile

For years now I have been saying how all things will become mobile in one way or another, and last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas clearly showed this to be well underway. A very large proportion of those … Continue reading

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How going back to the browser with HTML5 benefits developers

Back in the day web pages were displayed one at a time after a long loading process. The advent of Flash allowed websites to become live and interactive. Flash enabled animation, motion and video dramatically improving the user experience. Then … Continue reading

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Mobile performance through lightweight

…what the mobile industry can learn from car manufacturers With the coming of quad core CPUs in mobile phones in 2012, are the manufacturers focusing on the right fight or are they in a spiralling battle over engine size? Adam … Continue reading

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Smartphone innovations of tomorrow

It’s been a busy week in mobile, with Samsung and Google announcing the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), the latest iPhone 5 speculation (did Steve design it?) and rumours of Sony looking to acquire the mobile handset … Continue reading

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App Stores give carrier billing a new lease of life

Just when you thought that the dominance of  the App Store had relegated carriers to little more than a marketing channel for Apple devices, and that SMS as a charging model for wallpapers and ringtones had been regulated into oblivion, … Continue reading

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Crossing the apps bridge to the mobile web…the German way

This is exactly what the guys at RTL TV in Germany have done, with the creation of their hybrid iPhone application, launched last week. The application, developed by Netbiscuits, is a combination of web site and app that uses the … Continue reading

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Chocolate that makes me see red!

Some big companies really miss the point of mobile. I often travel to London and one of the simple pleasures on the return train journey is a cup of coffee, a Kit Kat and a seat. (I’m easy to please … Continue reading

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