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The evolution of Android carrier billing: 900 Million and counting

Google has updated the world with the news that nearly 1 in every 8 people on the planet can pay on the internet using Direct Carrier Billing (DCB). The headline from the recent annual “I/O” conference stated that 900 Million … Continue reading

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Mobile wallets and Bango

In the last few years, the idea that we will soon abandon our wallet in favor of our mobile phones has moved from being an interesting possibility, to a future-gazing cliché. Many have begun to fear that the flying car … Continue reading

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Mobile performance through lightweight

…what the mobile industry can learn from car manufacturers With the coming of quad core CPUs in mobile phones in 2012, are the manufacturers focusing on the right fight or are they in a spiralling battle over engine size? Adam … Continue reading

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Mobile payments – so far, so good…

…but content developers need to experiment more At a recent IAB conference in London, England, the subject of how the mobile phone concentrates a number of ways of paying was widely discussed. The poster child mobile purchase referred to in … Continue reading

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How important are Smartphones and which matters most?

The research firm NPD Group have just announced a new survey that shows smartphone sales in the USA grew by 47% in Q2 and accounted for 28% of all handset sales. That’s a number big enough to make anyone selling … Continue reading

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iPhone: Not the only game in town

I love the Apple iPhone. It’s done more than most to get people browsing the internet on their phones. As the CEO of a business focusses on helping companies capitalize on the mobile internet, this is great news. Apple’s PR … Continue reading

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