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Mobile commerce on the march

We spotted a really interesting infographic from BigCommerce today. They’ve drawn together numbers surrounding the migration from conventional e-commerce to mobile commerce (m-commerce). Noting the massive rise in smartphones and an increased enthusiasm for online payments BigCommerce ask, will m-commerce … Continue reading

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Flash is out, HTML5 is in and we’re heading for an apocalypse!

Top 10 highlights of 2011 and predictions for 2012 2011 has been an exciting time for the mobile industry seeing many changes take place, some of which were on the cards and others totally unexpected. With consumers increasingly using their … Continue reading

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How going back to the browser with HTML5 benefits developers

Back in the day web pages were displayed one at a time after a long loading process. The advent of Flash allowed websites to become live and interactive. Flash enabled animation, motion and video dramatically improving the user experience. Then … Continue reading

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CTIA shows change as mobile market goes mass market

Three months and three big shows later and something is rotten in the state of Florida. Having just returned from what used to be one of the biggest US mobile shows, CTIA, it is clearer than ever that the mobile … Continue reading

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BLOOM-ing marvellous learning opportunities on mobile

When it comes to mobile learning, no one knows more about this than BLOOM, the Bite-sized Learning Opportunities on Mobiles project headed up by Tribal with input and support from Bango. “Mobile learning succeeds because its palm-sized micro-courses can fit … Continue reading

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Need help getting valuable insight into mobile advertising?

It’s always great to get your hands on free mobile web industry stats, isn’t it? So I was pleased to find a new monthly report compiled by Millennial Media with a whole range of mobile advertising data. It’s the first … Continue reading

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iPhone: Not the only game in town

I love the Apple iPhone. It’s done more than most to get people browsing the internet on their phones. As the CEO of a business focusses on helping companies capitalize on the mobile internet, this is great news. Apple’s PR … Continue reading

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What’s behind the surge in US mobile browsing?

The US will soon claim first place in the mobile web race with US consumers’ appetite for mobile web surfing expected shortly to overtake current global number one, the UK. That’s according to Bango’s mobile web surfing charts. So what’s … Continue reading

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