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How far fetched is Near Field?

Near Field Communications technology has been around for a while. Slender chips embedded in a range of products from handheld computers to bank cards are enabling applications to speed up information exchange. Where NFC has caused most interest recently is … Continue reading

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Stampede begins as HTML5 stores open in the next street

Following on from my post “Apple iTunes – the only place to shop… literally?”, it would appear that my predictions about large brands rushing to release HTML5 versions of their stores is starting to happen, only much quicker than I … Continue reading

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CTIA shows change as mobile market goes mass market

Three months and three big shows later and something is rotten in the state of Florida. Having just returned from what used to be one of the biggest US mobile shows, CTIA, it is clearer than ever that the mobile … Continue reading

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Are wireless carriers being less ‘instant’ about providing customer refunds?

Few holidays in the western world are celebrated without the accompanying assault from the retail sector going into overdrive. In the United States, the Friday after Thanksgiving earned the label “Black Friday” years back, when it traditionally (ostensibly?) became the … Continue reading

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A time to switch off and re-connect

Like everyone else in this industry, I spend most of my life fully engaged with the breakneck speed of change through technology. I’m in meetings, on planes, at conferences, customer events, speaking engagements. Any gaps in that schedule are soaked-up … Continue reading

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Coverage from BlackBerry Dev Conference

Watching RIM’s CEO Jim Balsillie at their annual DevCon yesteday, he came across as the most thoughtful leader of the major players in the smartphone market. He listened to questions carefully. More pauses, less polemic. Jim believes profoundly in the … Continue reading

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Monetizing mobile broadband, the “ultimate enabler”

With so many more consumers discovering how to go online through their phones, mobile is attracting significantly more attention from online businesses. Mobile broadband has made a big difference by enabling a wholesale expansion of online activity to consumers through … Continue reading

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