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How going back to the browser with HTML5 benefits developers

Back in the day web pages were displayed one at a time after a long loading process. The advent of Flash allowed websites to become live and interactive. Flash enabled animation, motion and video dramatically improving the user experience. Then … Continue reading

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Mobile browsing in the ascendency

It’s the “simplicity of sharing” There’s a storm brewing over how mobile phone users spend their time on-line. In recent days an increasingly public argument has developed – claim and counter-claim – on how you measure the consumer appeal of … Continue reading

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Guess which party is the mobile leader?!

With election day rapidly approaching, one wonders what’s going through the minds of the main party leaders, although I think we can all guess what’s going through Gordon Brown’s today.

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App store New Year resolution…

…lose some weight and get a better tape measure… Don’t get me wrong, I love apps. They have done much to accelerate the uptake and advancement of smartphones which in turn continually improves mobile web browsing capabilities – hurrah! Apps … Continue reading

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What decides whether mobile handset manufacturers live or die?

The recent iPhone 3.0 software release announced this week has got me thinking. There has been so much talk recently about big shifts in consumer web browsing habits and developments in multi-touch based UI design attributed to the iPhone that … Continue reading

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What’s behind the surge in US mobile browsing?

The US will soon claim first place in the mobile web race with US consumers’ appetite for mobile web surfing expected shortly to overtake current global number one, the UK. That’s according to Bango’s mobile web surfing charts. So what’s … Continue reading

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