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Windows 10 – The 1 Billion device mark cannot be far away

News this week from Microsoft that Windows 10 is now running on 500 million active devices certainly registers on the scale in 2017, although not yet at the level of Android, in the billions. Nonetheless this is an impressive milestone … Continue reading

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Skype to launch operator billing

Interesting news has reached us that Skype users will soon be able to buy Skype credit by charging the cost to their mobile bill – operator billing. The move should give some momentum to operator billing for the desktop, where … Continue reading

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Nokia / Microsoft and “the battle of the platforms”

It’s the last day of MWC and the news of Nokia and Microsoft’s partnership is still grabbing headlines. The keynote by Steve Ballmer’s and Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop was one of the key highlights of this year’s show. We heard … Continue reading

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2011: The battle of the tablets round 2…plus it’s smartphones knock out time

Not only has 2010 been described as the year of the tablet, but also the year of Apple Vs Android. The year started with the launch of the Apple iPad and is ending with Android tablets appearing all over the … Continue reading

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Has 2010 been the year of Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft?

At the end of last year we wrote about how 2010 might the year of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Looking at the current mobile market today, we were right, 2010 has not only been the year for Google but also … Continue reading

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The Kin is dead, long live the Kin!

In one simple, but brave move Microsoft has shown signs of being back on track with their mobile strategy. By killing the Kin they can now concentrate on getting one focused mobile platform to market. If we look to Apple it … Continue reading

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What decides whether mobile handset manufacturers live or die?

The recent iPhone 3.0 software release announced this week has got me thinking. There has been so much talk recently about big shifts in consumer web browsing habits and developments in multi-touch based UI design attributed to the iPhone that … Continue reading

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Living with a super model – the HTC Touch HD

The first 5 days with a HTC Touch HD I had my first Windows Mobile phone when I worked at Microsoft – an original Orange SPV that I hated because of its poor UI and short battery life. But here … Continue reading

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PC world not keeping up with the mobile web

When Bango surveyed the Top 20 most trafficked PC websites (according to Nielsen Online), we found that half of the sites did not work well on leading mobile phones. Tests were carried out on the Motorola V3 Razr and Nokia … Continue reading

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