Bango expands app store carrier billing across Middle East region

Kuwait is the latest market to launch Google Play through the Bango Payment Platform, confirming the region’s importance for app stores

It comes as a surprise to many mobile payments watchers that carrier-billed payments have proved such a big hit with consumers in the Middle East region. With widespread credit card ownership and extremely high Android and iPhone penetration, is there really a market for alternative payment methods? Continue reading

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Google boosts app store success by installing apps without the store

Bango is obsessed with app store billing optimization – leveraging mobile innovations to simplify the payment experience, boost spend and increase customer engagement. We are therefore delighted to learn that Google is streamlining their Android app discovery and installation process.

Recent reports state that Google is rolling out the ability to install apps from search results on their Android smartphone – without requiring the user to go into the Google Play store. This immediately removes friction from the process to provide a better user experience. The payment mechanism remains unchanged, offering the exact same payment options and flow as the app store without the need to step outside of the search results.  Continue reading

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AfricaCom 2016 tops off momentous year for African mobile market

Bango have a great story to tell this yeaCUQEpGGUYAA6K2-r; the first launch of Direct Carrier Billing in Africa of Google Play, with Telkom South Africa. Trevor Goldberg, VP Business Development MNOs went to AfricaCom to spread the word and enable more African operators to go live with app store carrier billing. Here he reports on the event, it sounds like a well organised, very sociable affair

I’ve just arrived in Cape Town for AfricaCom 2016. I was here last year, however this year’s event promises to be bigger and better. There will be 10,000 attendees, over 350 exhibitors and a whole host of special side-events, Continue reading

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To break into the mainstream sometimes it’s best to go underground

amazon-underground-appAmazon Underground, the new app for Android smartphones, offers a selection of apps, games and in-app content, all for free. It is designed to break Amazon into the mainstream on Android smartphones by increasing store distribution and customer acquisition. Consequently it means even greater choice on the Android platform.

Major app stores like Google Play dominate the mobile ecosystem. Google regulations state that all digital media and apps should use the store payment system to bill for digital goods using credit cards or carrier billing. With Android accounting for 78% of all smartphones shipped worldwide in Q1 2015 (IDC), Continue reading

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For network operators, getting their billing connected to app stores is a key revenue driver

Looking at just one of the world’s biggest app stores as an example, you can buy apps through Google Play in 136 countries worldwide, yet carrier billing is only available in 39 of those!

That means for operators in 97 countries, Google Play revenue is bypassing them and is instead being shared with credit card and gift voucher companies. Additionally, from a customer engagement perspective, their subscribers have less interaction with the operator brand and more with Visa or MasterCard. Finally, their customers have a more difficult user experience when they come to purchase their first game, app, in-app purchase or piece of music. Continue reading

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Carrier billing – Microsoft’s standard way to pay worldwide

  • Carrier billing is coming to all Windows 10 devices including PC’s, tablets and smartphones
  • Purchase uplift from carrier billing far exceeds Microsoft’s prediction of 8x
  • Mobile operators will effectively become the payment processors for Microsoft’s massive, established software markets
  • The opportunity for mobile operators is unprecedented

Reality of adding carrier billing

At the Build 2015 conference in San Francisco last week, Bango partner Microsoft made a number of game-changing announcements that for many may have gone unnoticed.

First they announced that carrier billing is coming to all Windows 10 devices, in recognition of its unique power to reach millions of people and enable simple payments worldwide. Importantly, this includes all non-mobile connected PC’s and tablets in addition to smartphones, all part of their Universal Windows Platform. Microsoft claim that “carrier billing will result in an 8x increase in purchases”, but just how accurate or realistic is that number and what does this mean for mobile operators?

Also of importance is the introduction of subscription payments, which will build longer term customer engagements and deliver significant ongoing growth in value. Crucially it will also allow the latest subscription products, like Microsoft Office 365, to be sold online with carrier billing.

Microsoft claims a primary focus for carrier billing is to grow purchases in countries where credit cards are not common. Bango notes that over 90% of app store purchases already come from Direct Carrier Billing in countries like Indonesia. This can result in sales far exceeding Microsoft’s prediction of 8x. Bango typically sees between a 20x and 200x increase depending on the store and market. Continue reading

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Bango Payment, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay…What’s the difference?

Mobile payment is increasingly in the headlines as major brands all develop their strategies and look to gain market share, which has resulted in a wide array of new payment innovations being announced.

When looking at Bango Payment, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay it’s easy to get confused.

Put simply:

  • Smartphone wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay are designed for buying physical goods – they increase the convenience of paying in-store using your credit card or bank account without the need to carry your physical wallet in addition to your smartphone.
  • Bango enables internet (app store, web etc.) payments to be completed simply, securely and efficiently. Without the customer needing to own a credit card, or even have a bank account.

Continue reading

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