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Carrier billing available to more BlackBerry App World customers

Bango and Research In Motion have further expanded the ability for BlackBerry smartphone customers to pay for BlackBerry App World apps on their monthly bill. Telefonica Germany, Tigo Colombia, Virgin UK and Vodacom South Africa are among the latest carriers … Continue reading

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First time payment capture is a critical factor to success

A study by Bango in collaboration with Blackberry carried out over the first quarter of 2012 and using data outside that period unearthed some profound findings for providers of payment systems. When a mobile user clicks “buy” to make their … Continue reading

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Which smartphone has the smartest users?

Are you on the ball if you own an Andorid? Are iPhone users smart and speedy? Are BlackBerry users the brainiest of the bunch? Here at Bango we decided to carry out a test to answer all these important questions … Continue reading

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RIM on a Roll….

We took some quiet satisfaction from BlackBerry maker RIM’s news flow at Mobile World Congress this week. The company substantiated the claims it made at its recent DevCon Europe event with a “momentum” release on February 27, stating that there … Continue reading

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BlackBerry in Amsterdam

If signs from their first ever European DevCon are anything to go by, BlackBerry is sharply focused and firing on all cylinders, with the worlds developers clearly in their sights. This was my second BlackBerry DevCon, having attended one in … Continue reading

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Carrier Payments help oil the machinery of mobile commerce

Recent numbers published by a developer selling on the BlackBerry App Store show a straight line, month on month increase in the percentage of revenue contributed from carrier-billed payments. It’s clear that when available, customers like to charge mobile-purchased, digital … Continue reading

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Why the recent outage makes BlackBerry better than ever…

I was totally bemused by all the fury in the press last week surrounding the BlackBerry server outage. In many people’s eyes it was a travesty of the worst kind, the final nail in BlackBerry’s coffin and a clear reason … Continue reading

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Has 2010 been the year of Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft?

At the end of last year we wrote about how 2010 might the year of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Looking at the current mobile market today, we were right, 2010 has not only been the year for Google but also … Continue reading

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Coverage from BlackBerry Dev Conference

Watching RIM’s CEO Jim Balsillie at their annual DevCon yesteday, he came across as the most thoughtful leader of the major players in the smartphone market. He listened to questions carefully. More pauses, less polemic. Jim believes profoundly in the … Continue reading

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