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E-books, tablets, e-readers….how these digital devices are changing the publishing industry

As devices like the Kindle, tablets and other e-readers continue to gain popularity, there’s no doubt that the future of the eBooks market is looking bright. The American Association of Publishers (AAP) has recently reported that eBooks sales have reached … Continue reading

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Where’s the revenue?

Publishers and the long wait ahead… With the arrival of tablets, large screen smartphones and e-readers many people in the publishing industry had high hopes that these devices would be the savior for their declining revenues. Major media corporations have … Continue reading

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Nokia / Microsoft and “the battle of the platforms”

It’s the last day of MWC and the news of Nokia and Microsoft’s partnership is still grabbing headlines. The keynote by Steve Ballmer’s and Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop was one of the key highlights of this year’s show. We heard … Continue reading

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Mobile apps will make $$$ billions in 2011 – how will they be monetized?

In-app billing gains momentum According to Gartner, apps will generate $15 billion in revenue in 2011, they also go as far as forecasting that by 2014 this figure will reach $58 billion. So a question to ask is, how are … Continue reading

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Integrating offline and mobile helps create deeply engaging campaigns

This was one of the conclusions at the IAB webinar, hosted by Bango last week where executives from mobile agency Somo, Millennial Media and Yahoo shared their views on how to track success on mobile. They all agreed that measurement … Continue reading

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2011: The battle of the tablets round 2…plus it’s smartphones knock out time

Not only has 2010 been described as the year of the tablet, but also the year of Apple Vs Android. The year started with the launch of the Apple iPad and is ending with Android tablets appearing all over the … Continue reading

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Application Analytics – Why it matters

A question that often comes up when people discuss the subject of mobile apps is measurement – What matters in the world of App Analytics? Do I need to measure my mobile app usage, or shall I just focus on … Continue reading

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Has 2010 been the year of Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft?

At the end of last year we wrote about how 2010 might the year of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Looking at the current mobile market today, we were right, 2010 has not only been the year for Google but also … Continue reading

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Completing the picture with Bango and comScore

Data is everything – it is the basis for all the best decisions and its accuracy can make or break a marketing campaign or strategy. But there is often confusion over the types of data available to marketers and what … Continue reading

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Can mobile ever match online as a payment method?

Yes it can and it already is. This was one of the conclusions at the MobileSquared roadshow that took place in London last week. The roadshow, organized by Nick Lane, Chief Strategy Analyst at MobileSquared, was a great platform to … Continue reading

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