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Windows 10 – The 1 Billion device mark cannot be far away

News this week from Microsoft that Windows 10 is now running on 500 million active devices certainly registers on the scale in 2017, although not yet at the level of Android, in the billions. Nonetheless this is an impressive milestone … Continue reading

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Does it make sense for carriers to attempt another mobile billing standard?

Last week, Telefonica Digital announced a tie-up with European operator Telenor, to standardize a way of charging third party services to customers’ phone bills. The idea is that a third party content provider could integrate with Telefonica’s BlueVia charge to … Continue reading

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RIM on a Roll….

We took some quiet satisfaction from BlackBerry maker RIM’s news flow at Mobile World Congress this week. The company substantiated the claims it made at its recent DevCon Europe event with a “momentum” release on February 27, stating that there … Continue reading

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Mobile World Congress – Can payments pave the way to a perfect sunrise?

There has been a lot of marking territory by the big beasts of the mobile industry this last 48 hours. The main pitch from successive carrier CEOs at this week’s Mobile World Congress has been the inequality of investment versus … Continue reading

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Carrier Payments help oil the machinery of mobile commerce

Recent numbers published by a developer selling on the BlackBerry App Store show a straight line, month on month increase in the percentage of revenue contributed from carrier-billed payments. It’s clear that when available, customers like to charge mobile-purchased, digital … Continue reading

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“Losing the Plot”

Despatching my 7 year old son to bed recently as an episode of Law and Order began on the TV, he turned and asked, “Are you watching one of those murdering programs?” To his mind, the nuances that distinguish highly … Continue reading

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App Stores give carrier billing a new lease of life

Just when you thought that the dominance of  the App Store had relegated carriers to little more than a marketing channel for Apple devices, and that SMS as a charging model for wallpapers and ringtones had been regulated into oblivion, … Continue reading

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