Mobile apps analytics in the spotlight at two key US events

Mobile app analytics

Mobile app analytics take center stage

The need for understanding usage behavior on mobile is increasing, with more brands and developers now recognizing the importance of analytics in helping them engage with customers. In line with this, over the next three weeks, two key events in the US will have measurement taking center stage on the agenda.

The Verizon Developer Conference, 21-22 September in Las Vegas will gather industry experts from mobile analytics firms, including Bango’s Co-Founder, Anil Malhotra, who will be speaking in the panel session ‘Mobile Internet developer analytics and measurement’ on the second day. They will be discussing current trends in understanding usage behavior patterns and how developers and content providers are using mobile analytics to adapt their web content and web applications and most importantly build customer engagement.

A couple of weeks after, the CTIA Enterprise & Applications event takes place from 6-8 October in San Francisco. The show has been rebranded to reflect the evolution of the industry and growing use of mobile technology in the expanding market for applications and content. Bango’s CEO Ray Anderson, along with other industry experts, will be taking part in the panel session ‘Marketing Analytics’ on 7 October. They’ll be discussing mobile analytics without the hype and debating how despite all the complexities associated with mobile, business owners can effectively measure the effect their investment into mobile, with mobile analytics.

You can find more information on these events here:

Verizon Developer Conference, 21-22 September

CTIA Enterprise & Applications, 5-8 October

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