Crossing the apps bridge to the mobile web…the German way

RTL Hybrid app

RTL's new hybrid app shows that website and apps can happily live together

This is exactly what the guys at RTL TV in Germany have done, with the creation of their hybrid iPhone application, launched last week. The application, developed by Netbiscuits, is a combination of web site and app that uses the latest HTML5 technologies, as well as the native functions of the device – you can read more on HTML5 in this recent blog post.

The RTL TV hybrid app is a great example of how apps and mobile web can exist side by side. By taking advantage of the latest web development technology, this RTL app shows how media brands can create greater interaction with their customers and at the same time deliver an engaging user experience.

Hybrid applications continue to be an attractive option for many brands and app developers, as they require shorter development times at a cheaper cost and offer a great user experience. They allow greater functionality and interaction, by bringing together the best of both worlds – a mobile website embedded into a downloadable app. They’re the next step in the web development process that is helping cross ‘the app bridge to the mobile web’.

As Mike Steib from Google rightly said “Apps are a bridge technology”.

You can find the RTL mobile site at

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