Need help getting valuable insight into mobile advertising?

SMART report gives you insight into mobile advertising

SMART report gives you insight into mobile advertising

It’s always great to get your hands on free mobile web industry stats, isn’t it? So I was pleased to find a new monthly report compiled by Millennial Media with a whole range of mobile advertising data.

It’s the first report I’ve seen of its kind and unlike the Admob stats, it seems more representative of the general market rather than Admob’s bias towards the iPhone mobile advertising market which has developed because it provides a specific service for advertisers who want to target iPhone users.

SMART which stands for Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting is a monthly report providing a comprehensive view of the US mobile advertising market and device trends.  The report details Millennial Media’s findings based on actual campaigns and additional statistics from independent analysts.

The reports which are also targeted at brand advertisers provide data and insights to drive decisions on mobile advertising campaign spend and includes campaign interactions, cost per engagement, key handset and carrier data plus much more.

One of the most insightful reports was the comparison of intent to purchase from mobile verses online campaigns.  It shows the power of mobile campaigns particularly among 18-24 year olds whose intent to purchase was nine times higher on mobile than online.

It’s definitely worth a look – download the latest copy from the Millennial Media website.

About Beccy Blount

Beccy Blount is Marketing Manager at Bango and is responsible for all things digital and running Bango's marketing programs. Her marketing experience with Bango spans over 8 years and covers a wide range of marketing activities.
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2 Responses to Need help getting valuable insight into mobile advertising?

  1. dougkessler says:

    Good one — thanks for the tip-off.

    Looks like mobile will be out-performing the web for a long time.
    Makes sense.

  2. alicawilson says:

    Thanks for the information..I really like your post and I agree with the post that now a days promoting your business through mobile advertising service has played a vital role in increasing the business as most of the people use internet through there mobiles and are much interested in grabbing the deal through mobile device..
    Kabel Internet

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