Fall of an SMS Titan?

Just picked up some news on the Bango Forums that Monstermob has gone into administration.
( http://forums.bango.com/viewtopic.php?t=210 )  Bango was one of the first companies to enter the mobile content business.  Three years ago they bought one of Bango’s early customers, Phunky Phones, who was at that time was very small but was a fast growing mobile web music / ringtone provider. Probably a world leader in Mobile web off portal music.   Unfortunately the founding team was told to migrate the business over to a subscription model, which effectively killed the business, and the founding team left after a few months.

Its always amazing how a disruptive technology (in this case the mobile internet) can cause many of the giants of the previous era to fall.   Remember Wang (wordprocessor disrupted by PC), Digital (Minicomputer disrupted by PC and commodity server), Pointcast (Internet broadcasting disrupted by the web), Microsoft Blackbird (DIsrupted by Java & HTML), iPods (disrupted by music feature in phones … but wait that hasn’t happened yet!)

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