Wearable tech and mobile payment: new possibilities


Image courtesy Flickr user Thomas Hawk

Did you go to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona back in February? If you did, there’s a good chance that the show gave you your first glimpse of Google Glass ‘in the wild’.

Google Glass has the tech world hugely excited, but the devices themselves have been rare. Only 10,000 were initially released, as part of an “Explorer Program”, which Google hopes will inspire developers to build innovative apps for the platform. It’s clear that many of those ‘explorers’ made their way to Barcelona, as Bango saw dozens of Google Glass wearers at MWC 2014. The big news earlier this month was that Google Glass was made available to the general public, though Google slammed the door shut after a few hours. Continue reading

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Operator Billing

Last week BlackBerry celebrated the 5th anniversary of the BlackBerry World storefront. They’ve released an infographic to coincide with the anniversary, highlighting its growth, including the success of operator billing. In BlackBerry’s own words:

“We… set out to ensure purchases were simple, especially for emerging markets. This led to our decision to invest aggressively in carrier billing. Today, we are a global leader in this respect – 77 partners in 51 countries around the world offer carrier billing”. Continue reading

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Under the lid of the world’s most reliable payments platform

Bango’s latest short film is out this week. It’s focused on the teams and systems that underpin our operational expertise. The Bango Payment Platform handles payment for many of the giants of mobile, including Google, Facebook, BlackBerry and others. The platform is underpinned by 24×7 continuous, proactive management of all parts of the payments chain, and we’ve made significant investment to ensure we provide reliability that goes beyond carrier grade. Continue reading

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Announcing “Bango Belt” – The latest wearable tech

Bango belt 2Payment has gone truly personal with news today of a wearable payment device.“Bango Belt” provides “command and control” features, giving the wearer real-time feedback on charges to their mobile phone bill and the ability to control spending limits by adjusting the belt. Worn – as expected – around the user’s waist, the Bango Belt continues to do the job of holding-up the wearer’s lower body clothing in a dignified fashion, while at the same time ensuring they don’t “lose their shirts” through a heavy-handed phone spending habit. Now nobody needs to be crushed by their Candy Crush habit…

Continue reading

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Bango supporting next generation of coders

PARK STREETSome of the UKs newest computer programmers were given a boost this week, when their school coding club received £1,000 worth of equipment from Bango. Continue reading

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Beware of BOB!

Beware of BOBDOB (or Direct Carrier Billing — DCB — as it is sometimes called) is the state of the art, allowing smartphone users to charge the cost of a digital purchase to their phone bill, in one-click. It’s achieved through a direct integration into the billing systems of the world’s operators. This is what our clients, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and others, demand of Bango.

But Bango has noticed a dubious practice within the industry. Many of today’s mobile payment providers have chased quantity at the expense of quality. They boast hundreds of what they call “Direct Billing connections,” but in reality they are dependent on an inferior approach. This approach is usually not the high performance charge-to-bill payment that it appears to be, and frequently it is not even direct. It is not what it claims to be. It is, to coin a phrase, “Bogus Operator Billing.” We call it BOB for short. Continue reading

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The view from CES

The consumer electronics industry swarmed on Las Vegas last week, for CES 2014 As ever, it was a glitzy, busy and wallet-lightening experience, with some surprising new products to report.

If we had to sum up CES in one word, that word would be “curved”.Blog post 1

This year several big vendors were claiming “the first 4k High Definition curved screen”. While we may never know who was first, there were giant HD displays showing wildlife scenes everywhere you looked (why is it always scenes from an African tundra?) and it’s clear that these eye-popping screens are going into mass production, ready for the big time. Continue reading

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